We provide three tiers of editing services. The first tier entails editing for simple punctuation, grammatical correctness, and spelling that autocorrection software may not have caught. The second is a more thorough work-over, wherein we will drastically rephrase sentences that might need it, suggest change of word use, provide advice on consistency of plot details, etc. Editing at the third tier, we will provide technical research and consultation on a number of subjects, making use of our own backgrounds in other fields as well as our contacts’ wealth of knowledge in the areas of mechanical systems, military structure and operation, aviation, physics, mathematics, fashion, marketing, and theater. In the case of a subject we are not immediately familiar with, we will do our own in-depth research to ensure your manuscript is as accurate an realistic as possible.  

Please not that we do not make any attempts to change the author’s writing style or voice.

Included below are two excerpts from a manuscript accepted by Seaworthy, both before and after revisions. This particular writer opted for the third tier of services, hence the hefty number of edits and rewrites, as well as the comments on technical aspects of the work.